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The WordPress Editor is a powerful tool that can help bring your design ideas to life but one of the best parts is, you don’t have to start from scratch. Building sophisticated designs can be as easy as picking Patterns from our growing library, and snapping them together to create beautiful-looking posts and pages. As of today, we’re now offering over 100 individual Patterns — with more being added all the time!

If you’ve never used Patterns before we’ve got an introduction to help you get started and also highlight some new features.

The best way to introduce Patterns is to use them. Here’s how you can add them to a post or a page on WordPress.com.

  1. Head to the WordPress Editor and click the + icon to add a new block.
  2. Click on the Patterns tab.
  3. Click on the Pattern you’d like to see in your document and it’ll be inserted at the location of your cursor.

Here’s a quick demo that shows how to add an image gallery. 

 Image of mNjjCqvUyk91f9cqdEauXF3t3M4C75PSBeE7AzUGiiIaEU4iN9jvBCo2LPGqIiCezU8HOplfVmfM6swMPgrrtBpcd 4VKL0XDC48L4lKdOIwRvEmrHfzJzzgjJK71ZI8rq4KHCZH

If you’re familiar with the Block Editor, the process will look similar. Once you’ve inserted a Pattern into a post or a page, you’ll be able to see how you can customize and edit the Pattern by clicking on different areas. The image below reveals the editing options that appear with our example. 

 Image of bxjhvzCqx2 3XgY3r mNdxgZU9invJNeWsDbIWLYbwzNvDwvCfNmCgM2sRmuwv0XLYr0gTbenAlM0k5sXxje4ESTI847xap9jd92lHRa2eRBaRsznD LFjPMjQzefKi0a9NRYdrC

Each Pattern is a collection of different blocks carefully put together to help you produce great looking blog posts and pages in the Editor. In the example above, it’s a collection of Image, Paragraph, Spacer, and Column Blocks. All pre-arranged into a simple but elegant Pattern for displaying images. Using Patterns in the Editor is kind of like having a WordPress web designer right there with you building up a design element by element.

The idea is that, once you’ve inserted a Pattern, you can start customizing it to make it yours.

 Image of oUbNuHaicnubeXE9lE2srrxpKdsZDGsZey7wM3zPF9m6jZL 3SAdhJQ8K4XgsoE JxNk4ZWrKq0v 1BZifBXJ 9Bp7eKpBKmR84t4NOpJ64Sei3pXnHFIXwQKKlD36o1ygqAlyr0

For even more customization options with Patterns, try combining them with the updated fonts on WordPress.com.

Over 100 Patterns to Choose From

This is where the number of Patterns gets exciting. Think of it like having over 100 templates you can add to your posts and pages. You can browse by category to see all the available Pattern options.

 Image of p3BUyyJFI XaDMlnaIa0Rg9FmN07vBaqsjVv58icgz7Wvim6Q15JgDze b65YzXGdXkP2gCA2n9fgTrODlNrj6ZZpQc56 Z5dIlPRPAO5uSmfQ2tsrzVzM02NPFkurEGDfuIfiJ

Taking a look at a few all together might be helpful. Here are some of my recent favorites. 

 Image of vvXH0q iA3FVEz9NytfORHBxdWfjnVuXcsvkNkt60JTL3x2LjsXGXzxs qMdl8W4k3f9RuPvwUd3lMjP2y  p hKlZQ978CGZvPsh3kwiEhomu CPvI2x5MdYD ZcM7b mLOIPar

They’re not favorites because they look great, but instead because these Patterns use so many different Blocks to produce a unique and useful design. Take the center Registration Form Pattern, for example. It combines a Heading Block, Paragraph Blocks, the Form Block, and the Columns Block into one Pattern that together, can make up an entire page.

More Patterns are on the Way

We’re just getting started creating new Patterns for you. What type of Pattern would make it easier to create Posts and Pages on your site? More are on the way and we’d love to hear your ideas and feedback so we can make your publishing and site-building experience even better.

And if you have anything to share that you’ve made with a Pattern or with the Editor let us know! We’d love to see and hear how you’re using Patterns on WordPress.com.