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Words To Describe Disasters

Words To Describe Disasters

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The past few weeks have seen a surge of fevered rhetoric in the media. Here are a few examples:

Senator Warns of a Republican Blood Bath
Lawmakers gloomy, back on defense after debate fiasco
Election Experts Warn of November Disaster
[One Party] warns of chaos if [Other Party] wins
Senators warn of ‘catastrophe’ if eviction protections expire
Critics say he cannot be absolved of responsibility for the election-day carnage.
5 ways the Russians could wreak havoc on the 2020 election
We’re about to watch the biggest debacle in history and we have front row seats.

Let’s have a look at these scary words: bloodbath, fiasco, disaster, chaos, catastrophe, carnage, havoc, debacle. When are they appropriate to the context, and when are they overkill?

bloodbath (noun): a battle or fight at which much blood is spilt; a wholesale slaughter, a massacre.

Blood is one of the most evocative words in English. It seems overkill to use the word bloodbath for anything less serious than literal bloodshed.

fiasco (noun): a failure or break-down in a dramatic or musical performance. In a general sense, an ignominious failure.

Fiasco comes from an Italian word meaning “flask or bottle.” No one quite knows how it came to mean a failure, but it apparently originated as theater slang. It has a connotation of humiliation, so it seems an appropriate choice for a political failure.

disaster (noun): An event or occurrence of a ruinous or very distressing nature; a calamity; especially a sudden accident or natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life. The word entered English from Middle French desastre, “catastrophe, calamity, misfortune.”

chaos (noun): the formless void believed to have existed before the creation of the universe; primordial matter. In current usage, chaos is used to describe any confused, disordered state.

catastrophe (noun): a final event; a conclusion generally unhappy; a sudden disaster, wide-spread, very fatal.

carnage (noun): the slaughter of a great number.

Like blood, carnage is a word to evoke a visceral reaction. One visualizes heaps of bloody bodies.

havoc (noun): devastation, destruction.

The word comes from a phrase, perhaps originally Germanic, that was used as the signal for the seizure of spoil, and so of general spoliation or pillage.

English speakers are familiar with the line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, spoken by Marc Antony as he imagines the slain Caesar’s spirit in search of revenge, “cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.”

The verbs most commonly used with havoc are wreak and play.

A snowstorm wreaked havoc in Washington, nearly cancelling the inaugural parade.

The winds played havoc with any ball in the air, and also helped skew the score.
wreak and play.

debacle (noun): a sudden breaking up or downfall; a confused rush or rout, a stampede.

Merriam-Webster defines debacle as “a great disaster, a complete failure” and gives fiasco as a synonym. It seems that a debacle would be much worse than a fiasco. Consider its original meaning as given in the OED:

debacle: A breaking up of ice in a river; in geology, a sudden deluge or violent rush of water, which breaks down opposing barriers, and carries before it blocks of stone and other debris.

There are degrees of failure, humiliation, and calamity. Context should influence word-choice.

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"Beating" C with 400 lines of unoptimized assembly

Earlier this week I ran into a fun quick blog post named
Beating C with 70 lines of Go,
which reimplements the basic functionality of wc in Go using various
approaches and compares their performance. Apparently it’s inspired by an
earlier Haskell-based post and several
other offshoots.

This reminded me of my earlier post about reimplementing wc in pure x64
, where I
also measured the performance of my program against wc.

The optimized approach taken in the Go implementation is very similar to what I
did in assembly, so it seemed like an interesting comparison. I started by
generating a ~580 MiB file using xmlgen
and ran the various versions against each other:

  • LC_TYPE=POSIX wc: 2.13 sec
  • wc-naive.go: 3.53 sec
  • wc-chunks.go: 1.37 sec
  • wcx64: 1.2 sec

Note the LC_TYPE setting for the system’s wc. This is important for a
fair comparison, because without this wc will attempt to do utf-8
decoding on all bytes in the file, which results in significant slowdowns. Since
the Go versions use byte-counts and so does my wcx64, I force the comparison
to be fair. In fact, this isn’t a bad result for Go – the straightforward
solution is almost as fast as the same approach direct-coded in assembly!

The Go blog post follows with parallelized versions which are much faster than
the serial one, but I’m excluding it here because all the other competitors are
single-threaded. This is not a serious benchmark anyway. If you prefer to
be serious, this response using SIMD-optimized C blows everything out of the water:

  • fastlwc: 0.11 sec

The conclusion? Well, there’s no real conclusion here, beyond that coding
exercises like this are fun in any language 🙂

The American Medical Association officially recognized racism as a public-health threat, saying it creates and entrenches health inequality

The American Medical Association officially recognized racism as a public-health threat, saying it creates and entrenches health inequality

DURHAM, NC - OCTOBER 15: Bryce Hill stands in line to vote while wearing his "Black Lives Matter" mask at the Durham County Library - South Regional Library on the first day of early voting in Durham, North Carolina on October 15, 2020. (Photo by Cornell Watson for the Washington Post)
Bryce Hill stands in line to vote while wearing his "Black Lives Matter" mask at the Durham County Library on the first day of early voting in Durham, North Carolina on October 15, 2020.

The American Medical Association has officially defined racism as a public health threat that has created substantial health inequality.

Racism, both systemic and structural, has historically perpetuated health inequality and cut short the lives of many black, indigenous, and people of color in the US and around the world.

Over the last year, a number of county and state authorities have also labelled racism a public health threat.

Among them are county councils in San Bernardino, California, and Montgomery, Maryland, as well as authorities in Michigan, Nevada, Cleveland, Denver, and Indianapolis.

“The AMA recognizes that racism negatively impacts and exacerbates health inequities among historically marginalized communities,” Willarda Edwards, an AMA board member, said in a statement published Monday.

“Without systemic and structural-level change, health inequities will continue to exist, and the overall health of the nation will suffer.”

Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a Black OG-GYN in Dallas, told Business Insider AMA’s move is critical to address racial disparities in healthcare from the top down. 

“We fail to realize that there are so many things that occur at the systemic part of healthcare that if we don’t make changes such as the one we’re discussing now, then we’ll never really get to the heart of the problem,” Shepherd said.  

Still, there’s a lot more work to be done. “Meaningful impact happens when words become action,” Dr. Jose Torradas, an emergency medicine physician who’s worked extensively with Spanish-speaking and low-income populations, told Insider.  

“Our asymmetric approach to public health and the distribution of resources has taken form over decades, and change won’t happen overnight.” 

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected people of color 

The disparity has been extremely apparent during the coronavirus crisis, in which Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have been disproportionately affected.

BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 8: People dance during a Black Lives Matter rally at Boston City Hall in Boston on Nov. 8, 2020. On Nov. 7, the 2020 presidential election was called, with Joe Biden named president-elect. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
People dance during a Black Lives Matter rally at Boston City Hall in Boston on November 8, 2020.

Black Americans and Hispanic Americans are dying in greater numbers than any other ethnic group and, according to an analysis from The New York Times, are three times more likely to catch the novel coronavirus and twice as likely to die from COVID-19 than white Americans are.

The largest analysis of its kind, released last week, found Black people in the US and in the UK were twice as likely to contract the illness than white people. 

Reports from early April showed that Black Americans had so far made up up 39% of deaths in Chicago, 42% in Illinois as a whole, 40% in Michigan, and 81% in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County.

Pregnant women of color also seem to be at higher risk for severe COVID-19 cases, with one study in the UK finding that more than half of hospitalized pregnant COVID-19 patients were from ethnic minority groups. 

Why racism, not biology, drives up rates of preexisting conditions among POC

BIPOC tend to have health conditions that make them statistically more susceptible to infectious diseases. But that’s not simply genetics; it’s access to care, fresh food, and exposure to dangerous environments.

“We have to make sure that people understand that race is not biology,” Dr. Camara Jones, an epidemiologist and physician with affiliations at Morehouse, Emory, and Harvard universities, previously told Business Insider. “This false narrative of biologically-based differences in the races? It has been debunked.” 

Studies have also found that Black people in the US are less likely to seek medical help for ailments. That’s influenced by the historically racist American health system, which, for example, allowed Black men to die, go blind, and experience other severe health effects from untreated syphillis as a part of the infamous Tuskegee experiment

Reluctance to seek medical care is also influenced by the fact that people of color are underrepresented in the medical community, which affects patient care, Shepherd said. 

“Many times we have seen that communication can differ, and placing people in the community who look like them can have great impact on outcomes,” she said. One study found that Black babies are three times as likely to die as white babies when cared for by white doctors. Another found Black men who had a Black doctor received more effective care. 

Torrades said that rather than overt racism, racial disparities in access to care is the threat to public health. When he worked in a low-income California county, for example, there were far fewer clinics and much longer waits than his training location in an affluent corner of New York. 

“Even with insurance many people in the US have to wait weeks or months to get care,” he said, “but it’s even more pronounced in poorer areas.” 

Studies have found Black people receive different treatment

Systemic racism plays out in other ways, too.  

“To this day, Black people are less likely to get the same treatment in terms of pain medication, they’re more likely to wait longer in the ER, they’re less likely to be taken seriously — it’s a holdover from the days of slavery,” Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, an OB-GYN, said on TikTok in response to the death of Nicole Thea, a London-based social media star, who died July 11 along with her unborn child at 8 months pregnant. 

Lincoln highlighted a study showing that 50% of doctors and residents surveyed falsely believe Black people experience pain differently than white people, leading to inappropriate treatment. 

black businesses coronavirus
Gary Connell cuts a customer's hair in the aftermath of a nine-week disruption to business due to the stay-at-home order for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, at Salon Plaza in Wheaton, Maryland.

The announcement initiates several new policies 

It is unclear exactly what the incorporation of the new definition means for the AMA. 

In 2018, the AMA itself came out to apologize for actively discriminating against Black doctors and physicians between the 1800s and the 1960s, preventing many from joining medical societies.

The AMA apologized “for its past history of racial inequality toward African-American physicians, and shares its current efforts to increase the ranks of minority physicians and their participation.”

On Monday, the association said it would enact several new policies, including:

  • To “encourage governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations to increase funding for research into the epidemiology of risks and damages related to racism and how to prevent or repair them.”
  • To “encourage the development, implementation and evaluation of undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education programs and curricula that engender greater understanding of the causes, influences, and effects of systemic, cultural, institutional and interpersonal racism.”

Torrades told Insider he’d like to see racial disparities addressed by moving away from for-profit health systems and a fee-for-service payment model, incentivizing medical providers to practice in poorer neighborhoods.

“If someone has to choose between their medicine and keeping the lights on or feeding their family, they will most certainly forego the medication all together or start rationing their pills,” Torrades said. 

‘It is not sufficient for medicine to be nonracist’

Michael Suk, an AMA board member, said Monday: “AMA is dedicated to dismantling racist and discriminatory policies and practices across all of health care, and that includes the way we define race in medicine.” 

“We believe it is not sufficient for medicine to be nonracist, which is why the AMA is committed to pushing for a shift in thinking from race as a biological risk factor to a deeper understanding of racism as a determinant of health.”

Shepherd told Business Insider that it’s important for organizations that take responsiblity for making changes like these, rather than leaving the onus on individuals. 

“I’ve been pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised with how far we’ve gotten, and I can only imagine how far we can get if we continue to have these conversations,” she said. “This is not going to happen overnight. This is something that’s going to a while to get to some feeling of resolution.” 

Read the original article on Business Insider
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 Image of suMAW9UQSXE

18 Best WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Addons & Plugins of 2020

18 Best WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Addons & Plugins of 2020

Add the best WPBakery add-ons and extensions ever developed to your page builder and add give your website visitors the experience they need. From carousel add-ons to extra WooCommerce product extensions, these WPBakery add-ons and extensions will provide endless new possibilities.

The WPBakery add-ons and extensions available on CodeCanyon will allow you to add extra features not only for your website visitors but for you in the back end of your site, making it much easier to manage your WordPress website. 

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The Best WordPress WPBakery Page Builder Add-Ons & Extensions on CodeCanyon

Discover over 7,000 of the best WordPress plugins ever created on Envato Market’s CodeCanyon. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality WordPress plugins, extensions, and add-ons. 

Here are a few of the best WPBakery (Visual Composer) add-ons and extensions available on CodeCanyon for 2020.

Best-Selling WordPress WPBakery Page Builder Addons  Plugins on CodeCanyon
WordPress WPBakery page builder addons and plugins available for sale at CodeCanyon 

These versatile and unique WPBakery add-ons and extensions will help you get the most out of your website. While WPBakery is a complete page builder, the feature-rich add-ons and extensions will allow you to add a wide variety of features to your website, such as:

  • carousels 
  • extra WooCommerce features
  • audio players
  • content boxes
  • and much more

These extra features and functionality are a must-have for your WordPress website, so don’t miss out! Head on over to CodeCanyon and choose from the premium add-ons and extensions available. 

18 Best WPBakery Page Builder Addons & Plugins

Here are 18 of the top-rated WPBakery (Visual Composer) add-ons and extensions that are available for you to download on CodeCanyon:

1. Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

It’s no surprise that Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is one of the highest-rated and best-selling addons for WPBakery Page Builder. With 20 updates since its inception, this is an addon that works consistently to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a product that meets the needs of a wide range of designers. Notable features:

  • parallax and video backgrounds
  • video tutorials
  • over 40 unique elements
  • 15 demo pages for inspiration
  • and more

2. Visual Composer All In One Addons

Visual Composer All In One Addons

One of our most popular WPBakery (Visual Composer) plugins, Visual Composer All In One Addons combines 64 different functions in one powerful tool that extends WPBakery Page Builder wonderfully. Notable features:

  • carousel and gallery
  • to-do list and price table
  • draggable timeline
  • iHover with 35 transitions
  • and more

3. Unlimited Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Unlimited Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

With over 700 addons and 30 predefined templates, Unlimited Addons for WPBakery Page Builder is the largest add-on bundle available for WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer). This mega-pack will help you:

  • build website headers and footers
  • create pages or sections for team member profiles, testimonials, and reviews
  • design simple sliders, carousels, and banners 

Notable features:

  • one-click import layout from any WPBakery Page Builder page
  • import only the addons you want to use
  • lifetime updates
  • 24/7 support
  • well-documented

4. Kaswara Modern Visual Composer Addons

Kaswara Modern Visual Composer Addons

Kaswara Modern Visual Composer Addons offers 45 fabulous elements and over 550 shortcode options, and in just two years it has become a powerful contender in the WPBakery Page Builder add-ons and extensions market. Notable features:

  • contact form designer
  • shortcode manager
  • replica section
  • icon and Google font managers
  • and more

5. WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce Extra Product Options helps you extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store by creating more product options, add conditional logic (within the form builder), and build a wide variety of forms. Notable features:

  • control the placement of your new fields 
  • full support for checkboxes, radio buttons, and select boxes
  • prices can change depending on the selected product variation 
  • enable different options for certain roles
  • and more

6. Composium WPBakery WordPress Plugin


One of the top sellers at CodeCanyon, Composium WPBakery WordPress plugin is packed with a dizzying amount of features, including a Google Font Manager with more than 810 fonts, over 70 CSS3 animations, and the option to use any WPBakery Page Builder element in a sidebar. In addition, when you download this extension, you also get a built-in downtime/maintenance manager for your site, which allows you to create a custom maintenance page. Notable features:

  • over 150 different elements
  • icon and Google Font managers
  • custom premium lightbox
  • template and widget builder
  • and more

7. Massive Addons WPBakery WordPress Plugin

Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Massive Addons WPBakery WordPress plugin is an all-in-one extension that’s packed with enough features to make even the most demanding web designer happy. The latest version has incorporated a ton of user-suggested improvements. Most notably, it has integrated a feature called “container presets”, allowing users to preset entire rows or columns.

Notable features:

  • over 70 customisable shortcodes and addons
  • 31 page templates
  • supports WooCommerce
  • over 15 training videos
  • and more

8. Super Bundle WPBakery WordPress Plugin

Super Bundle

If you’re looking for a whole host of great effects all in one place, check out this bundle of over 20 fabulous plugins in a single add-on called Super Bundle WPBakery WordPress plugin. Notable features:

  • hover animation
  • animated text effects
  • carousel
  • background gradient
  • and more

9. WPBakery Page Builder Add-on Image Hotspot With Tooltip

Image Hotspot with Tooltip

The Image Hotspot with Tooltip comes bundled with another best-selling CodeCanyon addon, All In One Addons, but for those who don’t own that plugin, this standalone enables you to add a hotspot icon with a popup tooltip to any image on your site. The plugin may not be for everyone but will be of great value to photographers and e-commerce or educational sites. Notable features:

  • the tooltip feature supports text, images, video, and other kinds of content
  • hotspot icon’s position easily customisable
  • hotspot icons come in a variety of colours
  • and more

10. VCKit WPBakery (Visual Composer) Plugin 


VCKit WPBakery (Visual Composer) plugin is a feature-rich collection of over 45 beautifully designed elements with highly customisable features. This handy addon continues to go from strength to strength every year. Notable features:

  • five pre-designed demo homepage templates
  • over 45 animation effects
  • 30 gorgeous effects
  • one-click installation
  • and more

11Calendarize it! WPBakery (Visual Composer) Plugin

Calendarize it

Calendarize it! WPBakery (Visual Composer) plugin is a feature-rich calendar for your WordPress site that can be used as a standalone plugin or as an addon for WPBakery Page Builder. Notable features:

  • events countdown
  • events year view
  • payment options
  • social share panel
  • and more

12. WP Post Modules

WP Post Modules

WP Post Modules is ideal for creating online magazine layouts, newspaper blocks, creative portfolio showcases, and regular blog feeds using a drag-and-drop interface. Notable features:

  • seven display styles
  • 20 pre-built home page layouts
  • grid and list modes
  • 100% responsive design, optimised for retina display
  • and more

13. Templatera WPBakery WordPress Plugin

Templatera WPBakery WordPress plugin

Created by the authors of WPBakery Page Builder, Templatera is a WordPress template manager that allows users to create, manage and set access to templates based on user roles or content types. Notable features:

  • easy content reuse across templates
  • edit content across templates from one central place
  • ability to import or export templates in XML format
  • and more

14. Cost Calculator WPBakery WordPress Plugin

Cost Calculator

If you’re looking for a WPBakery Page Builder addon that will enable you to create price estimates that give clients an idea of the costs involved in your service or product, Cost Calculator might be the perfect plugin for you. Cost Calculator allows you to easily create quote or price estimation forms for your WordPress site. Notable features:

  • dropdown menus with image icons
  • numeric slider
  • on/off switch
  • and more

15. FullPage for WPBakery Page Builder

FullPage for WPBakery Page Builder

This trending WPBakery WordPress plugin is the perfect addition to your website. This Full Page WPBakery (Visual Composer) add-on allows you to create full-page scrolling websites in WordPress in no time.

It’s a great WPBakery plugin to download: it’s fully responsive, easy to customize, and has clean code.

16. WooCommerce Page Builder

WooCommerce Page Builder

If you have an online store supported by WooCommerce, this WPBakery WordPress plugin is great for you. This WPBakery (Visual Composer) WooCommerce Page Builder provides a full set of easy-to-use WooCommerce shortcodes.

Use this trending WPBakery WordPress plugin to create fresh and unique WooCommerce stores thanks to its customized Single Product and Product Archive pages. 

17. WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard

Clipboard is a best-selling WPBakery WordPress plugin. This WPBakery (Visual Composer) add-on allows you to copy/cut and paste single elements to a stack of elements across pages without leaving the WPBakery interface.

Not only that, but you can also import and export content or save it in the cloud. A five-star rating proves this is one of the most loved plugins for Visual Composer. User ugurterzi said:

If you have heavy use of the WPBakery page builder, it’s such a lifesaver.

18. Mega Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

Mega Addons For WPBakery Page Builder Visual Composer

This is a great WPBakery WordPress plugin to have. Mega Addons is a superb WPBakery (Visual Composer) plugin bundle. See what you’ll get in this fully responsive plugin with 32+ unique elements like:

  • team profile
  • info banner
  • advanced carousel
  • flip box
  • timeline
  • countdown
  • modal popup
  • testimonial
  • and more

It’s one of our best-rated plugins for Visual Composer. User-LC said: 

It’s creative, visually inspiring and very easy to use. The pack is everything I have hoped for and more. They are very useful for non-coders.

Free WPBakery Page Builder Addons & Extensions for Download in 2020

The premium plugins for Visual Composer available on CodeCanyon will offer you the most comprehensive set of features. If your current budget will not allow for the purchase of these high-quality add-ons and extensions, there are free alternatives that you can take advantage of.

Below is a collection of the four best WPBakery templates for free download.

1. Livemesh Visual Composer WordPress Free Plugin

 Image of 1a

Livemesh is a great tool to add to your arsenal if you don’t have the budget for a premium WPBakery (Visual Composer) plugin. It features many different website building items such as post grids, bar charts, testimonial cards, and much more. Each element can easily be added to your website by dragging and dropping. 

2. Mega Addons Visual Composer WordPress Free Plugin

This add-on collection includes a whopping 28 add-ons that can help enhance your WordPress website. You can expect features such as member profiles, pricing tables, timelines, and countdowns.

3. Ultimate Carousel Visual Composer WordPress Free Plugin

 Image of 3a

Ultimate Carousel is a versatile extension for your WPBakery Page Builder that allows you to create carousels for any kind of content. Ultimate Carousel is responsive and touch-enabled and is compatible with mobile devices.

4. Image Hover Effects Visual Composer WordPress Free Plugin

This extension gives you the option to add over 80 hover effects for your images with captions. Most of the transitions have thumbnail support, lightboxes, or custom links. This gives your images an interactive component that your users will love. 

More Great WPBakery Resources on Envato Tuts+

In this article, we’ve gone over some of the best premium WPBakery (Visual Composer) addons and free WPBakery plugins available. However, just owning the WPBakery page builder and the add-ons and extensions will not be enough to create a feature-rich website that your users will love. You need to know how to use these tools in order to build a successful website.

Check out the articles below on how you can get the most out of WPBakery and its extensions and add-ons.

Learn More About WordPress

We know WordPress can seem intimidating if you’re just starting to use this awesome platform. But don’t worry—here are some resources that might help you with your WordPress website.

Additionally, you can check our fantastic course: A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress and our Tuts+ YouTube channel, where you’ll find awesome videos like these:

Install a WPBakery Page Builder Addon or Extension Now! 

In order to give your website visitors the best possible experience on your WordPress website, you will need to have a feature-rich website.

The premium WPBakery add-ons and extensions available on CodeCanyon will help you add these extra features to your website so that you can gain more traffic and run your business more effectively. 

This list of WPBakery Page Builder add-ons and extensions just scratches the surface of the products available at CodeCanyon. So if none of the add-ons and extensions seem to suit your website’s needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. 

In addition to the WPBakery extensions and add-ons, there are thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon that can help you improve your website. The large library of plugins contains everything from marketing to eCommerce and social media plugins.

Find a WordPress plugin that helps your business succeed today!

Mark Zuckerberg says it makes sense for Facebook to be liable for 'some content,' but the social giant and other platforms still shouldn't be regulated as publishers or telecom firms

Mark Zuckerberg says it makes sense for Facebook to be liable for 'some content,' but the social giant and other platforms still shouldn't be regulated as publishers or telecom firms

mark zuckerberg facebook
Mark Zuckerberg at the 56th Munich Security Conference in February 2020.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said there should be liability for “some content” on its site, but that it still shouldn’t be regulated as news publishers are, a move that has emerged amid the ongoing discussion around Section 230 revisions.
  • Section 230 is an internet law that shields online platforms from being liable for content that people post, a liability that applies to news publishers.
  • Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been advocating for Section 230 reform to combat alleged anti-conservative bias and the spread of misinformation, respectively — a reform that could majorly impact these companies’ businesses.
  • But Zuckerberg argued that Facebook isn’t a publisher since it doesn’t create content and that it isn’t a telecom company either and should therefore be upheld by a distinct regulatory model.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it “makes sense” for there to be some liability for some content on its site in a Tuesday Senate hearing. However, he said he doesn’t think that means tech companies should be regulated as news publishers, a possibility that has been floated as the discussion continues around revisions to Section 230.

The topic was broached during Tuesday’s virtual hearing when Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) asked Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for their take on how revisions of the internet law could apply to them. Since the 1990s, Section 230 has been protecting internet companies from being liable for content that people post on their sites, a liability that applies to news publishers. Lawmakers are now stressing for Section 230 to be revised and for tech to be regulated as publishers or telecommunications companies.

But the CEO said Facebook isn’t like a phone company or a news publisher since Facebook doesn’t create content but rather gives a platform for people to voice their opinions.

“I do think we have responsibilities, and it may make sense for there to be liability for some of the content that is on the platform,” Zuckerberg said. “But I don’t think the analogies to these other industries that were created previously will ever be fully the right way to look at this.”

Zuckerberg proposed that there should instead be a separate regulatory system for internet platforms that have emerged in the last couple of decades.

“People ask if the regulatory model should be more like the news industry or more like telcos, but from my perspective, these platforms are a new industry and should have a different regulatory model that is distinct from either of those other two,” Zuckerberg said.

Section 230 has gone from a somewhat stodgy internet law to a hot-button topic in recent years as many on both sides of the aisle have called for greater regulation in the tech industry. The law has become politicized despite revisions of some sort having largely been a bipartisan issue — Democrats have been pushing for Section 230 to be tweaked to hold tech firms more accountable when policing the spread of misinformation and hate speech online. Republicans are pushing for Section 230 reform because of what they say is rampant discrimination of conservative content on tech platforms.

Tuesday’s hearing was scheduled to discuss how Twitter and Facebook moderate content on their site, specifically how they have done so around the 2020 presidential election and how they handled a New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son. Conservative lawmakers during the hearing have in part questioned Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over what they say is anti-conservative bias on their platforms.

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